Create Your Crowdfunding Campaign with Business Funding Texas!

Use the form below to give us some initial information about your company and the type of funding you are looking to achieve through the portal.  We will review your application and connect with you to go over any questions and how to proceed.

Two types of funding:

  • Equity Based Crowdfunding: Investors receive a stake in the company. (If our gadget goes big, you get a percentage of the prize).
  • Revenue Based Crowdfunding: Investors receive a portion of the revenue. (As you generate more sales, the investor receives their return faster).

Once we receive your information expect a phone call to go over any questions you have and to tie up any loose ends we may see in your application.

  • 5 to 10 words describing your company
  • Startup, Revenue, Profitable, etc.
  • General Industry or specific industry segment
  • This is how much you are making NOW and not what you project making. If your revenues are zero, put zero.
  • How much are you trying to raise?
  • How much have you raised so far?
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