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How To Start Fundraising on Business Funding Texas

Who is Business Funding Texas for?

For Investors

Business Funding Texas is a great way to find early and growth stage companies across the state of Texas and gives you the opportunity to invest in your community alongside other investors, angels, funds through an online portal.

Most of the companies on Business Funding Texas seeking equity investment will require you to register as an Accredited Investor to view the deals.

For entrepreneurs

We provide an online platform to showcase your fundraise campaign to an active network of any Texas resident including unaccredited investors. 

How does equity crowdfunding work?

Business Funding Texas is a tool to help you gain exposure to investors and showcase your traction both in your business and with investors.

How to get the most out of Business Funding Texas?

First, engage investors you already know.   Then spiral out to your broader network.  With some traction, you go online to reach out to a broader group of investors.  Make sure you keep your campaign portal up to date with your investment progress so new investors see the traction you are generating.  Keep a list of prospective investors and update them personally through email on your progress.  The campaign time is a great opportunity to build new relationships and find additional mentorship for your business in addition to funding.

How to be successful with an online fundraise?

Articulate all the values in your business.  Make sure you highlight all the good points about your business including the team, traction with customers and investors, as well as the innovations your product/service brings to the market.

Raise an initial amount before going online.  New investors are far more likely to pursue your deal if you have some portion of the funds raise.

Reach out beyond your own network.   The key to a sustained online funding raise is access to more networks.  Identify additional networks and make arrangements to tap them at the right time in your fund raise.   Some investors want to lead while others want to follow.  Try and identify where each network fits best into your fund raise program.